Don’t Get me wrong here, being in School for about more than a decade really help me grow. I did enjoy my journey growing up physically, I met a lot of different personalities that shape my personality now and I also learn many great things.


people bondBut what I am trying to say is it’s not enough. Nearly Graduating on College I still don’t know the basics. I still fear where i am gonna go now after this. I had many people, My Friends, Classmates, Schoolmates and strangers what’s their plan after College and its shock me they have same answers.


they say “I still don’t know what to do and where I am heading from”  Others says “maybe I’ll go to this and that and find a secured Job!!!!” 


Tired-of-reading-bookSo I did Read Books about Self-Improvement, Watch a lot of Youtube Videos, Take online Courses, Online Coaching, Hear Audio books, Blogs and Everything that would help me be Successful in Life while I am Part-time Dancer, a Gym Lover and a  Full-time student.


To Be Honest I Enjoyed Learning and Improving myself rather than reading Text Books and also I see Great Results.

and now to the point.

You’re at the right place if you face these kinds of problems

  • I still don’t know what to do with my life, I don’t know what’s my purpose
  • School, all-in-all waste more time of my life than Learning Practical things and Gaining Skills
  • Don’t know how to learn in correct way so i can be more natural than trying hard
  • You are Tired of Learning Theories that paralyzes and want to get moving
  • You know you are still very weak against other people in terms of being Confident, Assertive and Bossy
  • Stress or Depress in your friendships, Relationships and negative people around you


I help Ambitious People find their

  • Find Their Own Purpose to make an Impact and Legacy
  • Be Confident and Skilled
  • Be Happy and Fulfilled
  • Attract Positivity in Life, Friends and other people
  • Be more Alive and Conquer your life until you’re not dead

I am a Dreamer and a Goal-oriented Person Let me share you what i do!




I’ve been dancing for about 5 Years now. I had performed and do Battles Outside and inside school campus for more than 20 plus now, I always have goal when dancing, it is to Enjoy every moment, giving my all and inspiring as much people.

The First GIF i mastered that dance move for about 4 months everyday I got Injuries, Bruises, Blood, Stitch but I faced my fear I still do it and achieved my dance goals.




Film-making and short advertising are my favorite hobby, they are the one that excites me when I’m in the Process of producing a Film or Commercial but i occasionally make videos when there’s a Project. But still I Learn how to Shoot and Edit Videos since I was in my 1 st year on my university for the purpose of creating a project but now I love it I can do this Daily

Click to Watch my Sample Commercial.


this is just few of my Hobbies…

my real Passion is the Ideas of the Self-improvement, meditation, motivation , journaling and many more that could make an impact on me and others .

When and where did i found my Passion?

I found it when I was 13 years old. When i realize that i am the one who is

  • weak
  • who doesn’t make any contribution
  • go with the flow
  • A negative Friend
  • Isolated

and then my sister let me watch a video on Youtube called The SECRET (law of attraction) and then to make long story short I attracted A lot of Success on many areas of my life.

I got a lot of Ideas, Wisdoms, Experience, Researches, Practical Methods that I can share with you in this blog for free!

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