We are living in this world whereas we can now share our thoughts and express ourselves for whatever we want to express than ever before. Today we live a life where a child and adults want to become a vlogger, blogger, Social Media Influencer, Content Creator and others.

advice to a young man many of you need

I struggle with this at that time where I also want to make a change in other people’s lives by having an impact on them using the internet, and so I have to give advice that I myself is not like qualified to talk about it because I’m still not on the top, and yet I have to be creative so that people would click on this one and get the most out of it, and to be honest I struggle with it.

I think to myself that I should become successful first to my field before I can get myself out there to people, but No, You still can. In what you’re going to read below, can help a lot of aspiring influencers and content creators.

gary vee


Key Take Away From Gary Vee one-to-one talk

Anyway here is the advice to a young man that many of You need and so I am as well. This is my key takeaway from Gary Vee where he had a talk with a 26-year-old guy.

The Guy was asked what he is up to right now, and then he told Gary that he wants to create a content where he can impact on people lives, cultivate relationships. and Gary said, “the no.1 mistake from content creator to business coach is they try to oversell themselves, the greatest advice when talking to the world is it’s much smarter to talk about your process than the advice you think you should be giving them.”

As a Content Creator or a coach, it is much better when you tell about your journey on how you solve your problem rather than saying “You Should”, or you can say “my intuition says or in my experience or what I’ve got from this guy”


advice to a young man that many of you need

As a Content Creator, Influencer, Social Media Starts, Life Coach to Business Coach, What really matters when you talk to people is the TRUTH, tell them what your current state, your current opinion, your journey, your experience, your process on going through that problem.

Because if you are someone who still doesn’t have anything to prove to the world or people in your niche, instead of giving advice, the winners talk about their journey and process, they story-tell their life than ranting about, because for people who will watch your rant even if it’s powerful there would be cynicism (what do you know?).

Document vs Create

If you are always finding hard to create original creative content, there is no excuse in putting more. It’s not every time you create content everything is your thoughts, words or ideas, You can Document by doing interviews, breaking down other’s key point, reviews, Instagram stories and anything where you could shot with your smartphone.

So In my experience of doing this, I increase my quality and the quantity of content by 4x right now, I’m still kind of lazy but I would love the process to master on being productive and I would be putting more out content by documenting.


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