So I probably had this problem where I look forward to succeeding in life, like 2-3 years from now, and the main problem of mine is that I didn’t even start doing and grinding my ass to work. I am wishing to be great for the next years. F me right? and I hope you’re going to relate to me because what you will read below can help us to succeed.


Ed Sheeran about 10,000-hour rule
At a conference I think, one person asked Ed Sheeran: “What would be your advice for people starting out in a music industry” something like that, but this not only applicable to a music person but to all of us starting out.

Ed Sheeran shares the 10,000-hour rule where as a kid he saw some guy also share some of his stories that he did work his ass off, and then Ed Sheeran came across with this 10,000-hour rule where you practice deliberately and progressively for 10,000-hour rule then you become great at something!


Ed Sheeran as a kid starting out. writes about 1-5 songs a day and doing many Gigs. As he says at the conference, “You open the tap water at first, and all that comes out is dirt but eventually clean water is going to start flowing” So he spit some Shit music every day back then, he writes songs that he cannot imagine he wrote from right now until he got to the point where he became great and successful

Same with Gigs, He did a lot of gigs he says when he did his first gig, he sounded suck back then. and then deliberate practice, and did a lot of gigs, he put himself out there until people start dying just to hear his voice.

Lastly, he said, be nice to people because that’s what is the most important in your journey, You will come across a lot of people and if you are nice, people would help you get to the top.



So right now, I am just starting and for most people starting out, can get most out of this. This just not applicable to people starting out in the music industry but for people with a different field, but the main idea of Ed Sheeran is put more work, practice for 10,000 hours and be nice, and eventually you will become successful as well.

So for me, I should stop wasting time and contribute more time and effort to reach the 10,000-hour rule, and practice my craft daily. No more wasting time, No more spending time on shit, just working out consistently for years to succeed.




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