Why Finding Your Passion

finding your pasion

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A man should always find what they’re passionate about. even you see some people say that it is a bad advice. It’s not, really it’s not. We are here to create a meaningful life and also have money so we can provide for our family as well. But too many of us only chase what’s the biggest market and how to get more money out of them, and that leads to eating up your system.

You are lucky if you love what you are doing and you have a big market matches, but you are lucky! if you already found what you love doing. Why should we follow our passion? why not, we live in a Digital World where we can share our ideas, express our thoughts, connect with people, and make money out of it. So why not find what you love because love is what makes our lives give meaning. So Cheesy…

How do you know if you are already passionate about something? If you are skilled and enjoy the process rather than the outcome. You spend most of your time doing that, and really you are so good that money isn’t a problem.


How can you know if you are passionate about something if what you only tasted 2 dish foods! I found what I am passionate about when I already did a lot of things, I rap and sing, I did martial arts, I did Computer games, I did Bboy or breakdance, I did all style-dance, I did write, vlogs, Photography, filmmaking, Fitness.

There are so much that I did but even though the other things that I love did not stay(as you grow your passion grows) I became so skilled. that now I found what I love to do, I can mix things up. So if you have different things on your mind that you are passionate about these and that. You got to self-audit, Gary’s method, and pick what you are really good at, and then triple down on that skill.

Just Start! Here are the lists that you can explore online and get that skill if you don’t like it then move on.

How Do You Explore When You Have 9-5 Job

For most 9-5 workers, they make excuses. Someone might say: “I got no time, I have families after work, I got things to do afterwards” and so many excuses. If you really want to thrive on this earth and find what you are passionate about. Go to your 9-5 Job and 7 until 2 am you explore.

Here are the lists that you can explore online and get that skill if you don’t like it then move on.

What Now If You Found What You are Passionate About?

If you love Blogging, or If you Love sharing contents in social Media, If you love fitness, If you love meditating, If you love Martial Arts, If you love that one thing so much that if it’s gone you might don’t know what else to do. You got to be the best at it. Aim to be the greatest in your field. Enhance your skills, adapt it to the market, get Coaches, take courses, Read books about that field, and you my friend already found what you love doing for the rest of your life.

Being so skilled at something is not just enough you got to share it with people, Share your ideas, Produce more content. Help them reach their goals. You are crazy skilled – People want to reach their goal – and you make tons of money!


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