Learning Self-improvement materials and theories can really make you unproductive and paralyzed, it can also create confusion if you learn self-improvement in a wrong way so this is

How to Learn and Apply Self-Improvement in 3 easy steps

1. Read and Do your own Research Daily


An action is very Important in Learning Self-improvement and self-development but Action without theories can make your action random. Don’t Start from scratch, please!

  • Read Books Daily – Every single information you take in might not yet be important to you now or you cannot apply it in your life but when the time comes, this knowledge you accumulated might come in handy and have more advantage than a regular person.
  • Research – Do your own research, research what you need right now so you can understand better the self-improvement in a different angles. if you want more confident don’t just read one book about self-confidence try to read articles, journals, blogs. then try to watch videos of confidence from TEDxTALKS. this can be helpful you can be an expert in confidence fast if you know how to explain it.

2. Cut-off Negativity and Be with Positivity


This is a test of your self-awareness, knowing what’s negative to you and knowing what’s positive for you can be the great key to success.

if you are and with negativity, you cannot learn and retain the information you gain, but if you surround yourself with positive people, habits that can uplift you. You have that positive energy and it’s easy to learn because you enjoy it.

  • Cutting of Toxic People – if you want to dive deep into self-improvement this is what I recommend to you, this might be hard because you might lose your friend, you might lose your job, you might lose your possessions. But remember if something is gone some will take place and replace it with positivity
  • Be with Positive People – you can learn more by being with positive people (visionaries, leaders, mentors), not your boss. You are who you are surrounded by.

    “Birds of a feather flocks together”

  • Good Morning Routines – Having a Solid Foundation of your morning can make your whole day be Powerful and it is easy because you still control your time this morning, why not start your day right.Read Books
    Motivational Videos / Quotes
    and other habits that Clear your mind and make you calm and collected


3. Self-Affirmations


I watched a Video it the Law of Attraction and it states that what you think and what you feel shapes your reality and that is true because I used this and I saw huge changes in my life using this method.

It is easy to use its only positive sentences that you repeat to yourself. “I am” Phrases, these phrases are designed to reflect on what you want to be true. Over time, Repeating this daily positive Self-Affirmation helps you change your mentality and beliefs about yourself.

Shaping your mentality and beliefs is the number one goal of self-improvement books, so why not take advantage of this tip that I am giving to you!

  • want confidence? just say “I am confident” “I am brave” “I am Bold”
  • want to influence? ” I am a leader” “I am an Alpha” “I am with Conviction”




To Summarize this Blogs on How to Learn and Apply Self-Improvement the key tips are

  • Read Daily and Research about the specific topic you want and need in your life. some of the tips given by the author or coach might not be helpful but learning this might come in handy.
  • You might need to concentrate on one topic until you can explain it fluently to yourself or to somebody.
  • Be with Positive People who uplift you, Have Positive Habits that makes you in a constant positive energy.
  • Cut off Negative People in your life, if it is with your relative or mother then you might give them love but then spend more time changing your life than spending time with them, you cannot change them until they want to.
  • have morning routines that clear your mind like meditation.
  • self-affirmation will shape your beliefs in life and in turn, will make huge changes in your life.




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