So I came across a video and yes, it’s Gary Vee, talking about self-awareness. but at first, I thought self-awareness is just being aware and alert all the time, and I really don’t understand what self-awareness is, but I think it’s a lot deeper than that. The fact that Gary always points out self-awareness to young generations and how it can help them be happy, passionate and know what to do in life. I know this is Important.

I got to think about what is self-awareness? why should I care about? and how can I use it to my advantage as a young person? and why did Gary Vaynerchuk win so much because of this? So I did my research and here is what I found out

Gary Vee preaching

What is Self-Awareness?

In Dictionary the term Self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, motives, and desires. Self-awareness is the greatest tool to determine what career path is right for you. It also makes you understand what are the things that truly make you happy and not the things that we think that can make us happy.

Gary points out that we should use self-awareness to determine our real strengths and weaknesses and it requires understanding both. and then choosing which path you wanna go through.

Why You Need Self-Awareness?

In 4th grade when Gary Vaynerchuk got an F in his Science class, he knew right then he sucks at school. He hid his test paper under his bed because he needed it to get signed by his mother but 2 days later his conscience got him and made it signed, and he cried on his small bedroom.

but at the moment, realizing from all his lemonade business, from him selling random stuff door to door, he becomes self-aware that he is not that intelligent student at the school like other kids but he deeply knows he is a businessman. and he knew that is the thing that could really make him the happiest.

If you would like to choose a career path that is and only for you, If you would like to unlock that confidence that is already within you, and what you do what you work on that could really make you the happiest, being self-aware can give you the answer on those things.

Self-awareness is the tool that can save your time and effort so that all you work on, is worth it. Taking time to become self-aware can really make you create that meaningful life.


Self-audit. think back at that time what are things that intrigue you the most, what skills are the ones you really love and people appreciate and love you when you do that. and think of the weaknesses that you know you have that you really suck, please be brutally honest with yourself. 

Sometimes you can improve your weak skill but if you fail and fail, the best practice is to go all in on your strengths, and some of your weaknesses will rise up automatically.

The hack that Gary Vaynerchuk recommends is to ask people straight up to tell you your strengths and weaknesses. These people have to be the five to twelve people who know you the best or work with you the most. Tell them to be brutally Honest, I want you to tell me what I’m good at and what I’m bad at. I’m in this mindset where I really really need your truth about me right now. I’m ready to get hurt, even if you criticise me I’m still going to be your friend, in fact, it can deepen our relationship.

What is it for your career?

Well, just because being a startup founder and entrepreneur now can be the coolest thing to hear but that does not mean that you need to become one.

Gary can get more than tens of million subscribers in youtube if he targets the large audience, or he can make billion dollars doing the ideas that he knows going to boom in the next years, but he did not, why? because he his self-aware that he is not who he was and he is not passionate about doing those things.

So you got to see and get the feedback from the closest and safest friends to tell you the good and bad points who you are, become self-aware on that, then put all your eggs on that good points.




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