Should I go for a 9-5 Job?

I think there are no right or wrong answers here. You got to decide whether you want to work for somebody else or get to work for yourself and execute your ideas.

Time of Our Lives


Back in the days, there is no easy route if you found what you love to do and wanted to share your ideas and express yourself and if you don’t have the money there is no way, the only way is to work for the big guys and get a 9-5 Job. So people still got this mentality of doing great in school, get a decent job, get a house and a family, get those benefits, save up for retirement, and have fun for 1 year and DIE!

But now, Right NOW!!! we’re living in a world where we can do what we love and make money out of it, You see 15 years old already a millionaire and do what they like. because of this internet we can execute our ideas, share our knowledge, be funny and make money out of it, and it cost only for 0 to a few dollars.

So Should I get a 9-5 Job?

You’re not asking the right questions. The right question to ask yourself is Should I waste this opportunity?

But for most people when they don’t know what to do is to get started with a 9-5 Job and later they know that they already wasted the decades of their life working 9-5,9-5,9-5, save up for retirement, 9-5,9-5, get those benefits when you do great in 9-5,9-5.

Find out what you love doing, find out where you are passionate about and triple your time onto that. if You don’t know what you are passionate about then explore different areas, skills, niches.

Money is not a Valid Excuse

If you don’t have the money to start what you love. Go do side work, you work for the 9-5 job and 7-2am in the morning you work on your business, you learn and explore skills. If you are earning money from your side work that can cover your bills every month then go full-time on what you love.

But if you still like working on a 9-5 job it is your choice bro! but if not, and you are pump to go another way, I’ll help you find what you love and make money out of it.

Next Up Finding Your Passion



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