The Ultimate Goal of MyImprovementHub is not just to help you build your career and make money. We focus on hitting it to the core and that is to CREATE A MEANINGFUL LIFE.

How do you achieve a meaningful life? Well, it really varies per people because the meaning comes as you grow and face challenges. and you will know it when you face death. an example of this, for writers who will face death, it is the books they didn’t write and publish. for a father who works overseas, it is the child he needs to see, for the spouse, it is their partner who will become alone, for teachers-influencers-speakers, it is their knowledge, experience and stories didn’t share.

People who faced death becomes conscious of the responsibility he bears toward the human being who “affectionately waits for them” or “the unfinished work” or both. and that makes their life meaningful. So if tomorrow you will face death, what are the things you have not done, ideas you did not share, people who should you care the most and people who you did not spend time with. Then take action of it today!!

Human Core Needs

But If you don’t know where you are in life right now, and kind of missing something, this “Start here” page will serve you and me to get started in life and target the Core Human needs (not only the money).

We will derive it from Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs but show you a different like-engineered system that could explain more and help us narrow down our needs to the core so we will not overthink and be paralyzed like me in the past.


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The Revised System

Our system can make you fully understand what will be your goal for the long-term and a guide on how to take action into it.


Imagine this, you have wine glass gathered together, and I poured water on one glass want to make it overflow, so I pour a large amount of water into that one glass and what happens next is that one glass I tried to pour into on, bleeds into other glass surrounding it.

The same Principle happens when you try to improve in a certain area, as you pour your time and effort on that one human core need, it bleeds into another and it will improve your Esteem and Confidence, and as you grow your Esteem and Confidence it would also give back to all Human core needs and then continuously boost different core area. This is how you become unstoppable!

But it becomes GREATER when you try to hit all the core areas of your life at the same time, you pour time and effort to 5 different core areas of your life and that would basically make the process faster. Do you get me?


You already heard it, Will Smith said: “You just have to take the first step”. Many people try to overthink and strategize in life and they so become paralyzed, I also am guilty of this but I did break through because of this System. So first, what you need is the COURAGE to take the first step in all of that core human needs.

Ones you are already on the first step, next is CONSISTENCY and this would be the focus, you need to remind yourself to do this every day. Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” so you got to be consistent if you want to be overall ExtraOrdinary Man or woman.

As you improve on a certain human core needs consistently, you become more confident than who you are yesterday, then that CONFIDENCE will make you a better person and you will do greater in all Human core needs.

Because you believe in yourself, you have taken the first step and do it every day until it becomes a habit, and you become overall confident. The next is you have much wiser CHOICES, you can already choose what you really want in life, what contribution you can give to the community. You become great and you want to make other people great as well.

But there’s many of them! 

 I will show you the narrowed down system so you can grab it all in one hand.

Success – Socially Skilled – Physically Healthy – Spiritual

These are the four areas we would like to target because it will mostly target all our Human core needs, and these would serve as our vision.

Now that here it is, I want to give you all the First step you need to take in all different areas. but after you mastered all of it, It is time to make your own choice and become innovative in life and help contribute to the world. Deal?!

Read these first before you go onto the next – These are the things which you must read before taking the free program below

Success this would cover:

  • Should I go for a 9-5 job.
  • Finding your passion.
  • How to make money with your passion and expertise.
  • Different platforms to make money in.
  • What to do with your money?
  • Further Skills that you can implement and must read list.

Socially Skilled this would cover:

  • Importance of being Socially skilled and how it can bleed into all core areas.
  • Teach you how to make a first impression
  • Body Language
  • One thing that makes you Great Sociable being.
  • Further Skills that you can implement and must read list.

Physically Healthy this would cover:

  • Why you need to become healthy and how it can bleed into all core areas.
  • Free Home workout
  • Type of Exercise that makes you fit in a small amount of time
  • Diets and one supplement that all you need to feel healthy now.
  • Different health products to answer some of your health needs.
  • Further Skills that you can implement and must read list.

Spiritual this would cover:

  • How to create a meaningful life
  • How to find your purpose
  • Guide Meditation
  • How to become Happier.
  • A further list that you need Understand, to near Enlightenment.