So I just graduated and I did not follow what the society expects like working on a 9 to 5 job. and did jump without turning my back and had taken a risk just to do what I love to do, and start making a greater contribution to this world.

And here I am sitting and thinking what are the success tips that I can get from Highly Successful people that wish they knew back then. What are the tips that could help me be enlightened about this journey?

So I did my research and I found 6 success tips that successful people share that help them in this long-term journey, and I found that these are the common tips that they all share.

6 Success Tips by Highly Successful People

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    1.  Follow Your Dreams 

    It is much the cliches thing you ever heard, but I think lots of people have lots of great ideas, but very few people actually go out and try to put them into practice. Somewhat words Gary Vee say something like these (not exact words), but can be an eye opener to people. “Back then you should have the money if you have to work on your dreams but now in this internet world, You can start with $0” 

    2. Stick To Your Decision 

    Make a decision based on your vision is and stick to it until it is accomplished. It is much easier to accomplish a goal if you are committed to it 100%, and if you find yourself fully committed then motivation is not a problem. Focus on commitment.

    3. Take 100% Responsibility In Your Life 

    Successful people do not pinpoint when there was a mistake that occurs to them. They don’t play like a victim. They do not blame whatever problems they faced in career or personal life in others, they just take full responsibility and focused on taking action rather than spending time and energy arguing with others.

    4. Find A Mentor 

    Donald Trump had his father, Fred Trump to be his first mentor,  and taught him Real Estate, and then became a millionaire after graduating college.

    Learning from people who have achieved what you desire can make your career progress faster. In fact, someone says “You don’t have to start from scratch – Learn from great mentors because they are going to give you feedback that you really need and that makes you grow the fastest”

    5. Do more than what’s expected 

    Think about what you could contribute that could eventually make you successful in the long-term, win the people’s heart by exceeding their expectation. and do not just do what is right and you’ll do more if you are paid enough. Do Big and eventually, you’re going to receive something. Deploy Patience says, Gary Vee.

    6. Good night Sleep 

    The only way to reach your level of peak performance is through with a great amount of energy and you don’t get that energy from the supermarket, you get it by sleeping. Most Successful people don’t party at night and then wake up groggy, they sleep early so they can wake up early and do more.





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