I remember back then when I was playing poker on Facebook, I got A and King Diamonds. and on the first flop, there is 10 and J diamonds and 10 of spades. and I’m waiting for Q diamond so I got the highest hand. But again this opponent was so aggressive where he bet 40% of all his chips in the table, and I thought that he got a 10 on his hands so he got 3 tens.

dark room poker

So I called, and on the turn, it was another 10 – 10 of hearts and I thought he already got 4 tens. and I was nervous back then because he goes all-in. I was saying to myself I got to call this because my gut feeling is like the Q diamond is going to show up, but another thinking that I have is if I lose, my poker gaming career is over, and all those overnight plays will go into waste.

So it’s a big risk for me, even though it is just a game, you know my heart is raising, it’s like the biggest decision I have to make in my life. and so I did listen to my gut and did go all-in. And on the river the last flop, Guess what? It’s the Queen…..of Diamonds! I was so happy back then because I made those risk

I did not realize these risk-taking lessons back then until I get to learn such personal developments. but if you translate the winning of the poker in real life. What you will learn is, if you wanna go somewhere else, you got to be willing to take the risk, and that risk might be scary. You might think that if you lose you think you never going to get up again, or you will never going to get your money back again, or your time, and those people.

But there is a catch to risk-taking, and not all the time you are pumped because you are taking the risk, later you know, that you’re taking the wrong risk. So it’s better to learn from Highly Successful people who’d experience the risk take and the knowledge they can share from you.

What Successful People are Saying About Taking Risk

Ryan Holiday

“Just because you’re doing something and you’re successful at it does not mean you have to continue doing it, and in some ways, your willingness to take big risks defines where your life’s gonna go.”

“Your willingness to take those risk especially when you’re young is the difference between an average and an extraordinary life.”

Sundar Pichai

“You’ll have many opportunities to reinvent yourself. So I think it’s worthwhile taking risks and trying to do something you’re really excited by. And if the first attempt you don’t do it, you can try again and you know things tend to work out in the long run.”

“In Silicon Valley, you know is in poverty, and so many people start up a company. You know, starting up a company and even having it failed, you know you can wear it like a badge of honor and I think that’s important, culturally risk is rewarded.”

Paulo Coelho

“I think that you have to take risks all the time. If you don’t do that, you don’t move forward. We are trying to be too conservative in the way that you think life. And the results is that nobody is the first up to say I don’t agree with this, I agree with that. So we have to push somehow our individuality to make sure our voice can be heard.”

Stan Lee

“There was one time, and I don’t even remember it, might have been the fantastic four or some other book. We had a story that I thought wasn’t that good, but we were stuck with it. We had to send it out, it was the due date. I didn’t have the time to do it over. And on the cover I wrote a little note, I don’t remember the exact word but something like Hey kids, I’ve got to admit this isn’t the best story we’ve ever done, but we’ve given you so many good ones before we think you owe it to us to buy this one also. Everybody thought I was crazy.”

“That book sold better than most of the others in that period, and I got a ton of mail saying You guys are great! Nobody else would have written anything like that!”

Ben Carson

“Almost any accomplishment in the history of the world has come at the hands of the people who have taken the risk, people who are willing to push the envelope, people who are willing to explore the unknown.”

“Even if you go and you look in the Bible. The people that are held up as the heroes, they’re not the ones sitting in a tent under an olive tree. You know? They were people who were going out there and doing stuff. And you know the key thing about taking risk is learning. And if something doesn’t work out, learn from it. And then you’re able to move further.”

“We have to always recognize that knowledge frequently comes at a price. Thomas Edison said 999 ways that a light bulb did not work. Many of us are familiar with the cleaning formula 409, why do they call it that? The first 408 didn’t work.”

“You just put these things into perspective and you learn from them. Walter Dandy, the great neurosurgeon at John Hopkins many decades ago, was the first one to do operations on the posterior fossa, the back part of the brain. No one thought it could be done. First 13 patients all died. Now can you imagine how devastating that was? I can’t even imagine what he said to the 14th patient when he said how the other 13 did. But the fact of the matter is we now are able to do that operation routinely and safely.”

“So, we just have to put all these things in perspective and recognize that we will never make progress unless we’re willing to take the risk. But, we have to take them in an appropriate fashion. Because there’s a large group of people who never get anywhere because they’re afraid to take a risk. There’s another group of people who never get anywhere because they take too many of the wrong risks, they’re always getting knocked back into the pond. So that’s where this tremendous brain comes in. where you are able to analyze the appropriate risks.”

Mark Zuckerberg

“In a world that’s changing so quickly, the biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk and I really think that’s true right, a lot of people I think – think that you know whenever it comes to whatever you get yourself into a position where you have to make some big shift and direction or do something, you know there are always people are going to point to the downside risks of that decisions, and locally they may be right.”

“I mean if for any given decision that you’re gonna make there are upside and downside but in aggregate if you are stagnant and you don’t make those changes then I think you’re guaranteed to fail and not catch up. So to some degree, I think it’s really right that over time the biggest risk that you can take is to not take any risks.”

Evan Carmichael

“So many people are so afraid to follow their dreams to have this big idea that they have that they want to go off and accomplish. We have this big vision for ourselves and we’re so afraid of making the wrong decision that we do nothing. That you see this big goal and you have three, four or five potential paths, and you have limited resources, limited time, limited money, limited abilities, and you want to say I need to make the perfect decision because if I make the wrong one it all falls apart. And as a result, we get paralyzed by fear and we do nothing and that’s the biggest risk of all.”

“That’s when you see somebody else making tons of money off your ideas. That’s when you fast forward ten years and you still haven’t done anything you’re still in the exact same position that you are now, meanwhile, lots of people have taken that idea That You Had and are crushing it, and so the way to get over it is to recognize that as soon as you get an idea, you need to find some small way to test it. And that you don’t have all the answers and that’s okay and that you’re gonna figure it out along the way.”

To Put Risk-Taking Into Practice

man take risk by walking at the narrow path

Be Intelligent With Your Risk

So people might be pumped to take the risk because they want to be successful fast. So they want to take risk fast without thinking. and they risk all their savings and put it all in the stock market because somebody says you can be a millionaire with stock market so invest now!

Without learning and analyzing the risk, and been long in the game. After a week they cry and most will say that it’s not for them it’s not their luck.

Just Take That Risk

Now that you have been long in the game, you know how it works. You already learned so much. Now is the right time for most but not all the time to go with your gut feeling.

This is where people make excuses they got a lot of ideas popping up but they are stuck and confused whether to execute those ideas. Just do it.

Learning From Failure

You will encounter a lot of failures, you just have to learn from it. Learn from the mistake, ask yourself “what are the mistakes I’ve done in that process.” and Avoid the same mistakes again. When you keep trying and trying to execute these ideas, you put more effort and time endlessly you’ll eventually be successful.

I got to give this amazing quote from Mark Cuban. “no matter how many times you fail, it really doesn’t matter, all it takes is one hit and then everybody can call you an overnight success”



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