I know it’s hard getting that $100 so therefore it’s hard reaching millions. I wish somebody can show us the guide on how to become a millionaire. That is why there is Grant Cardone, a real estate investor, an entrepreneur with a net worth of $350 million dollars. Here it is the 10 list of ultimate guide to becoming a millionaire

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Millionaire by Grant Cardone

1. Decide to be a Multi-Millionaire

Most people don’t become millionaire because they set their mind into small goal. Grant Cardone said it is much greater to fail high than to target a goal that is too low. If you can try to shoot up for 10 or 20 million.

2. Stop All Poverty Behavior

Rich people act like there still in poverty, they got money sitting on the bank but they all spend their money when the prices of that land is low. The car they buy is in bargain. They buy and wear few shirts. They buy when there is a sale.

Poverty Behaviour are the people who act they’re rich, they go to beaches, drink on the weekend, Buying stuff rather than investing. Wasting weekend. Government dependence, shortcuts, not reading – most people don’t read but Readers are earners, knowledge makes them know what to do.

3. Study 2 Multi-Millionaire

Spend time learning with 2 multi-millionaire, this millionaire had earned their 10s 20s and hundreds of millions and they are still expanding. They know the right practices and the right discipline. Study 2 multi-millionaire Deep rather than studying 20 Multi-millionaire Shallow. Put that on your bucket list to learn at least 2-3 days with a millionaire and I promise you it will be a game changer.

Study 2 millionaire rather than 20 so you can avoid data and information conflict.

4. Work Like a Multi-Millionaire

Work 5-9 rather than 9-5. Work like a multi-millionaire. Elon Musk said he works 100 hours per week and you work 40 I’ll get there two and a half faster than you do.

5. Move From Spending to Investing

When you burn money, when you spend money, when you exchange your money make sure you invest your money. Don’t spend your money on buying stuff that you need. I’d rather spend my $1000 investing rather than spending $100 for my pleasure.

And I’ll invest money on dinner with someone that could potentially make a business with you rather than spend it only on yourself and your wife. Go have fun with your wife with that potential business client.

6. Create a Multiple Flows of Income

It is said that the average millionaire has seven flows of income. Some people that I know that created a Multi-million dollar and massive bank account they had hundreds of flows of income. Create multiple flows of income for yourself, your family and your company.

First, if you are working for a 9-5 job put more value into your work and don’t ask for a pay raise ask for a BONUS because you added revenue to the company. Invest in a lot of investment platforms. And hustle on your sideline.

Too many people ask for a pay raise and what they should do is ask for a bonus if you added revenue to the company and create other income flows

7. Expand Your Network

Jim Rohn said you’re the equivalent of the 5 people you spend the most time with five folks.

You should spend more time with your customers. Not your family, not your friends unless your family or friends buy from you.

After you create a network you need to expand your network, you need new ideas, you need a new collaboration. I need new parts of the world I need a new expansion.

8. Never Lose Money

WaBuffetuffet says number rule one for money don’t lose it, second rule don’t lose it, third don’t lose it. Invest in yourself, invest in your business, and invest in real assets that produce continuous flow of income, it is impossible to lose money on real estate it may decrease short term but long term I still double and triple the value of it.

9. Make Hard Decision Fast

When things get tough the successful make the hard decisions quickly. Even when they look bad in front of people even when things don’t work out, successful people make a hard decision go fast.


Super financial successful don’t stop when they hit their target, they reset and reach higher goals, even when they fail they don’t quit they figure it out and get back fast. They make a hard decision fast and don’t settle.



Source: Evan Carmichael Youtube video about the Ultimate guide to becoming a millionaire by Grant Cardone


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