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I always get sick every time, I got a variety of sickness coming to me every month, and that disturbs me and my plans.

And I wonder what do healthy people do, even when they grind at work and work until evening. What is it that makes them not get sick and be overall healthy all the time?

So Basically I did a research because I want to be healthy all the time and I’m gonna share it to you as well. The reason people do not get sick is that most people have great habits and great practices they do consistently and that what makes them super healthy. They do not get sick and they have optimized their overall health. and here are some practices that they do. 

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Ketosis and fasting
  • Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother
  • More honey
  • Fewer supplements
  • Fewer Antibiotics
  • Eat less process food
  • Eat less red meat
  • Exercise regularly
  • Cold Shower
  • More Sex
  • More Positivity
  • Be with good friends
  • Sanitize hands and Phone
  • Avoid Stress and negative thinking
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs

Below are the key benefits you can get when you practice and make it and do it consistently. I also will share how to get started receiving all those benefits mentioned down below.

Best Practices To Become Overall Healthy

Filling up water in the fountain

Drink Plenty of Water

Water keeps our body at the correct temperature and it removes toxins that help to a faster metabolism. Water also clears your skin, kidneys, controls your appetite, and keep you energized all the day long. It also keeps you to not be hungry so you can avoid drinking unhealthy beverages and avoid eating sugary foods. And Lastly promotes weight loss.

Other benefits

  • Maintains regularity
  • Boost Immune System
  • Natural headache remedy
  • Prevents cramps and sprains
  • Puts you in a good mood

How to Take Action 

Have a big bottled water with you and you will notice that you are drinking more water than water in a cup.

Intermittent Fasting and Ketosis

Intermittent fasting helps you to take in fewer calories, it boosts your metabolism and is a very impressive lifestyle to lose weight and belly fat. Another major benefit is it lowers the chance of you having a type 2 Diabetes because it lowers blood sugar.

Other Benefits
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Beneficial for heart health
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Good for your brain
  • Removes waste material
  • Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
  • Extend your Lifespan

How to Take Action

You got 8 hours to eat and that’s all. Most people only eat around 12 pm to 8 pm after that they just drink water, coffee without sugar or apple cider vinegar.

Watch Beginners guide on Intermittent Fasting by Improvement Pill

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother

I think this is a great way to increase your overall health. In my Experience and from my relatives’ experience we reduced the times we get sick just by drinking apple cider. I research this and it states there that it kills cancer cells and shrink tumors, Improves your heart health, lose weight and fight Diabetes.

Other Benefits

How to Take Action

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the mother (Bragg) and mix it with 1 cup of water, that’s it. You can also mix honey to make it tasty.

Take In More Honey

When taking in honey make sure it is a high quality because one that high quality is rich in antioxidants. It also has beneficial effects on heart health. Helps suppress cough especially to children. It is an alternative to sugar but still high in sugar and calories.

Other Benefits

  • High in some plant compound
  • Improves heart disease risk factors
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves cholesterol
  • Lower triglycerides

How to Take Action

Take 1 to 2 tablespoon and mixed it with lemon water or apple cider. or you can just take in without any mix. Do this 1-3x a day

Less Supplements

To be honest I am taking multivitamins 3x a day. But this is my research and I’m still going to share why to take fewer supplements. Basically, most supplements are not FDA approved and FDA is one who going to tell you what safe to take in. Another reason it is expensive you and you can get the same thing just by eating natural foods.

How to Take Action

Eat more fruits and meat, be under the sun have some fresh air. All that I’m sharing you here can supplement your needs.

Less Antibiotics

There are bad bacteria and there are good bacteria but by taking antibiotic you are killing them both. Over time of using antibiotics you are creating a much stronger bacteria that is hard to kill.

How to Take Action

Don’t just take an antibiotic when your sick consult your trusted Doctor and he may give you some helpful or natural tip to solve your problem.

Less Processed Foods

Eat less or no processed foods. Processed food is the biggest source of added sugar – a sugar that is very unhealthy and can have a serious effect on metabolism. It contains artificial chemical including flavorants, texturants, colorants, and preservatives. It can cause food addiction that let them lose control over their consumption.

How To Take Action

As much as Possible, avoid at all cost eating processed food. Eat more organic and whole foods. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Less Red Meat

One of the best things you can do to become overall healthy is to decrease the amount of red meat intake, here is why. It leads to heart diseases, heart attack, stroke and other illness that shorten your lifespan. It increases toxins like nitrosamines that can lead to stomach cancer. It puts your colon and brain at risk. It has harmful hormones.

How to Take Action

I am super guilty of this because I am a fitness guy and I kinda eat more red meat but still you can eat though, but just lessen it.



Excercise Regularly

First of all, this is the healthiest things to do, the reason is it improves your mood and feeling of anxiety and depression. It supports a fast metabolism and burns more calories per day. It is good for muscles and bones. It also increase energy levels.

Other Benefits

  • Maintain muscles and weight loss
  • Reduce the risk of chronic disease
  • Improves brain health and memory
  • It helps with relaxation and sleeps quality
  • Promotes better sex life
  • It improves your well being

How to Take Action

Going to the gym and having an instructor is the easiest step you can take. but if you just want to start at home without equipment you can try the 7-minute workout on Youtube. Then Gradually increasing the intensity as you progress.

Cold Shower

Many People consider the cold shower as one of the health hacks because it immediately makes you increase your alertness. It also trains you to get out of your comfort zone and face fear consistently because your body naturally fears cold, and really don’t like the touch of cold. Another major benefit is it improves immunity and circulation. Also, Many athletes use this to speed up muscle soreness and recovery. Lastly, men take cold shower because it increases testosterone and fertility.

 Other Benefits

  • Refines hair and skin
  • Stimulates weight loss
  • ease stress
  • fights depression

How to Take Action

Some people may avoid this practice of cold shower if you have some certain condition (Heart disease, High blood pressure, feverish) because of the shock to the body system.

But if you are ready Start taking a cold shower, by first washing your own feet then gradually up until you wash your head.

Another method is you start with a hot shower then gradually putting it in a cold shower.

Achieve 6 to 8 Hours Of Sleep

Whenever I don’t complete my 8-hour sleep, I feel tired all the day. My acne also shows all over my face. In study shows, poor sleep is linked to weight gain, type 2 diabetes, depression. But if you at least get 6 hours of sleep consistently you’ll improve your concentration and memory. Longer sleep improves physical performance.

Other Benefits

  • Tend to eat fewer calories
  • Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Improves immune function

How to Take Action

The best time to sleep under 11 pm because you’ll have much deeper sleep and no one will gonna disturb your sleeping pattern, also you’ll wake up early.

If you suffer from Insomnia or can’t sleep faster here is a Video on to sleeping better and fixing insomnia.

More Sex

Sex boosts your body’s ability to make a protective antibody against bacteria, viruses and other causing common illnesses. It also improves heart health, it will reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases, like stroke and heart attack. Lower stress and blood pressure. Lastly, Sex = Exercise.

Other Benefits

  • Reduce risk of prostate cancer
  • Better Sleep
  • Happier mood and stronger relationship
  • Younger skin
  • Boost libido
  • Improves women’s bladder control
  • Burn Calories
  • Helps you live longer
  • Boost brain power

How to Take Action

Well oh my, It’s an honor to teach you this…. but you already know this. You are already an expert my friend just do more this month.

Manage Stress and Negative Thinking

Manage all negative thinking – Your worry, Stress, Breakdowns, Anger, Sad, Loneliness, Depression and when you don’t – you know what happens next, people who deal with these, some committed suicide, and others live a life that kills them inside. Without solving the issue fast it will load up and it will be much harder to manage. But there’s always a way on solving this.

How to Take Action

There are many techniques on how to manage stress and negative thinking but in my experience, the only tool that helps me manage these things is Meditation. To get started you just Sit quietly and focus on your breathing. when your mind thinks and wanders notice them from afar like you are an observer of that taught.

Here is a Guided Meditation that I always use.

Positive Thinking

Above you can train your mind to control your emotion if you just practice meditation daily, and it will have a huge impact on your life just by doing this for a month. Now that you manage your stress and negative thinking try to bring more positivity in your life, here’s how.

How to Take Action

There is a lot on how to think positive but I think the best one is Gratitude or Appreciation. Have Paper and a pen, and write down what you already have and be thankful for it, maybe it’s your mother, maybe it’s your dog, your skills that people don’t have. The second one is just to CARE, care for yourselves and others. Value CARE.

the baby and the dog

Be With Good Friends

We all know that feeling having a great conversation with friends, laughing all the time and just be with the right friends who uplift you and care for you, How do you feel afterward? You feel great, you have so much confidence, and you feel belong. but so much people prioritize other things and they forgot being a social human being.

The healthiest people are the ones who have a relationship with other people.

How to Take Action

Determine Toxic people and avoid them as much as possible, if not you’re going to become one of them. Create a deeper relationship with people by knowing their stories and also sharing your stories. Be Talkative and be interested in others so they can be interested in you as well.

Dirty hands

80% Hard Work and 20% Rest

When you’re just in your bed and scrolling down in your Facebook and Instagram Feeds and then 5 hours have passed, you haven’t done anything and you’re going to tell yourself well I think I’ll just start tomorrow again and then you did it again and again.

How to Take Action

Hard work and don’t forget to rest.

Avoid Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs

This one is a no-brainer. This bad habits can really kill you – Smoking destroys your lungs, Other people are affected by the smoke, and you’ll shorten your life.

For Alcohol – you’re drinking empty calories, and it’s damaging you in a long term. Alcohol abuse is associated with depression, anxiety, and antisocial personality disorder. 

For Drugs – You’ll stay in prison and wasted years of life instead of creating something impactful. Agree?

How to Take Action

Don’t try Drugs. Avoid Smokes. Drink moderately


Did I miss something? Comment down below and I’ll update the post with your credits on it.



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